Denver Professional Installers of Whole Home Humidifiers

In the pursuit of creating a comfortable and healthy living environment, homeowners need to look beyond just temperature control. Humidity is an important factor towards having air that feels the right temperature. Getting control of your home humidity levels is as simple as getting a whole house humidifier installed. Singletrack Electric & Heating is your Denver area team of professional residential humidifer installers.

These great systems work in conjunction with your existing heating and cooling system to distribute the right amount of moisture throughout your home. These devices offer a myriad of benefits, from alleviating health issues to preserving the integrity of your home. With minimal maintenance, homeowners can avoid winters with dry uncomfortable air that is common here in Colorado.


Benefits of Whole House Humidifiers

  • Less Maintenance Whole house humidifiers generally require less maintenance compared to portable ones. With a central humidifier system, a dedicated water line is installed so the water supply line releases water into the unit as needed.
  • Improved Health Proper humidity in a home helps alleviate breathing issues that are made worse by dry air. A home humidifer helps reduce the risk of infections, prevent cracked skin conditions, and alleviate issues of dry, irritated nasal passages.
  • Protect Your Home’s Furnishings By maintaining good humidity levels, these systems prevent wood furniture and flooring from drying out and cracking.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency Whole house humidifiers contribute to energy efficiency by making a home feel warmer at lower thermostat settings. The added humidity also helps your body retain heat. This means you can set your thermostat lower during cold Colorado winters without feeling it.


Install a Whole House Humidifier Today

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