Ductless Mini Split

Modern & Efficient Heating & Cooling System

ductless mini split

Heating AND Cooling Solution in One!

Ductless mini split systems are one of the best options for providing both the heating and cooling for your home or space. This is especially convenient for an older home that may have been built without ducting.


The "New" Ductless HVAC System

While ductless mini splits aren't quite well-known, they've been around for years. The ductless mini split has been used in Europe for decades and is now becoming a popular HVAC solution for heating and cooling homes in America.

The ductless mini split has a heat pump split system, as opposed to blowing air out of a duct. This system has a head unit mounted on the wall that contains a single blower.


Where Can Mini Splits Be Used?

These small units are incredibly helpful for rooms that don’t already have any duct work installed.Mini splits are very useful options in garages, room additions, upper levels, bedroom suites, older homes and ADUs (accessory dwelling unit). It is a great solution any time you need heating or cooling and adding ducts or vents is not a viable option.

Mini splits use very little power and can be highly efficient offering very high Seer ratings. Head location, power demands, condensate draining, and load will affect the choice of equipment.


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