Heating Services

Furnace Replacement: At Singletrack Electric & Heating, we can offer you a range of top-notch furnaces to replace your current model, including options that are more sustainable and better for our planet.

Furnace Repair: Whether your furnace is leaking, making strange noises, releasing weird smells, or simply not working at all, our expert HVAC technicians have everything you need to get it running before you know it.

Water Heater Replacement: Many homeowners don’t realize that an older hot water heater can be one the costliest appliances in your home to operate. We offer water heater replacement for customers installing or replacing their HVAC system.

Boiler Replacement: Boilers are another excellent heating option that will easily keep your home warm and comfy all winter-long. Plus, these systems present another remain advantage because they rely on steam heat—they can essentially replace your water heater!

Boiler Repair: Our technicians are familiar with all different types of types of these systems, they also provide one-year warranties on parts and labor, so you always know you are getting a great deal.

Garage Heater Service: These services include forced air, convection, and radiant garage heaters.

Heating Maintenance: Our team can provide inspections and heating tune-ups to locate potential problems early, keep your overall energy costs low, and even improve your indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality: Create your ideal home environment by installing Whole Home Air purifiers, UV Lamps, and Humidifiers. We can help customize a system to protect your family from pollution and viruses. Our goal is to make the air in your home the most comfortable and safe for you.

HVAC Heating and Cooling

Providing heating and cooling throughout the Denver metro area as well as to the Colorado mountain areas.

Security Systems

Installing security systems throughout the Denver metro area as well as in the Colorado mountain areas.

Electrical Services

Providing electrical services to the Denver metro area as well as to the Colorado mountain areas.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Getting gas is a thing of the past! Electric cars are on the rise, and so are the demand for the at-home charging stations.